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This small daily habit could change your health forever

It has been a stunning week here in Sunny Suffolk - the snow has made a welcome change to Groundhog Day. I revert right back to a child-like mind as soon as there is snow outside, I find it so exciting and I never tire of how beautiful everything looks under a blanket of white. ​ So as you can imagine, I have been getting outside as much as I can to enjoy the views, the fresh air, move my body and shift my focus away from work and various screens to appreciating what else there is around me and allowing my mind and body to listen to itself for a while. ​ I would never have given the great outdoors as much priority as this before I got sick, I didn't realise the importance of being outside in nature. Since recovering I appreciate how vital this is. ​ I have seen various people recently who are struggling with lockdown and struggling with their stress, mental health and gut health. A common link between them all had been the lack of time outside. Some have been house-bound or shielding and it is taking it's toll on their health. Some are feeling very down and lonely, others are getting increased aches and pains and they are also reporting sleep problems. ​

All of these feelings and symptoms can be very worrying and trying to find out what is causing it can be tricky. However, sometimes the answer can be straight forward and addressed by simply adding a little self-care into our day.

How would it be to introduce the great outdoors into your life? Even if it’s just 15 minutes each day. ​ We are not designed to live a sedentary life indoors behind screens. In fact, sitting down for a majority of our day has been shown to be MORE damaging to our health than diabetes, heart disease or smoking 20 cigarettes a day!

15 minutes a day spent outside can:

  • Boost mood

  • Increase energy

  • Lower inflammation

  • Improve blood flow

  • Reduce pain

  • Boost heart health

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep

It is easy to let the day slip away and stay inside, especially when it is cold and dark but the long term effects of introducing this daily habit are going to help you feel amazing and tackle whatever health challenge you have with strength and determination.

​ So, how are you going to schedule this 15 minute habit into your day?

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