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Thank you, body...

I want to thank my body…

I have taken her for granted for most of my life. I have ignored her, neglected her, under appreciated her and pushed her to her limits.

And yet she is there for me every single day, without judgement.

I want to thank my body for all she has done from the moment she started to form as the home for my soul.

For all the growth, the wild years, the womanhood, the motherhood, the continual healing and for all that she knows I am yet to put her through!

I invite you to think about your own body and how you have treated it.

Have you shown it the love it deserves or, like me, have you ploughed through life, in your head, without a thought to the miracle that is the body you are carried within?

I wrote this poem to my body. I hope this inspires you to write your own.

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