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My introduction to Podcasting...

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I don't know about you but I go through phases of listening to podcasts, usually when I am cooking, I stick something on and nod away in agreement and try and remember useful tips whilst I chop veg and try not to forget what I have put in the oven.

Then, one day I saw a chap looking for people who had overcome Chronic Disease for his new Podcast series "Beating Chronic Disease" and I thought, "Well, why not" so I sent my application in and then promptly forgot about it.

Some time later the host got in touch wanting to find out more on how I had overcome Ulcerative Colitis, we met on zoom and I was sent an overview of how the interview would run along with a date and time.

The day of the interview came, and that's when I realised how freaking nervous I was about this whole scenario! I didn't understand that I would be on camera, I thought it would just be a chat which would be uploaded on Spotify and Apple Music, I really should have paid more attention!

Anyway, I made it through, feeling like a sweaty mess and hoping the nerves hadn't came across too clearly on camera. The edit was completed some weeks later and this, my first Podcast interview, was uploaded to YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.

So, what made me see this through even though it took me waaaay out of my comfort zone? Well, I am passionate about understanding the root cause of our disease and about all of the options available to us to help us feel better than ever. The only way for others to see how much hope there is, is for people like me to get the message out there that there is so much we can all do, to take control of our health, our fatigue, our brain fog, our stress, our diets and our emotions to empower us to seek out our vision of health and not give up until we have it.

There is not enough good news being shared in the IBD world, but it is out there, behind the fronts doors of homes in the UK, Europe, US, globally and the more we hear about it the stronger we will all be.

Since this podcast was released I have had the most wonderful, heart felt feedback, from others who are dealing with not only IBD but other Chronic Diseases.

The podcast is here, please listen and share, and let me know your thoughts.

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