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Living with Colitis is like living in fog...

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I used this description myself last week and a client said this to me herself a couple of days ago...

When I think back to my years living with UC it feels like I spent it in a fog of confusion, pain, relentless spiralling symptoms, not knowing what the next hour would bring. I couldn’t see through the fog that engulfed my mind, my body, it hung on my legs as I dragged them through my days.

But I always knew that this fog couldn’t last forever, if I let this fog seep into everything that I was I couldn’t give my family what they needed and I couldn’t give myself what I needed...

I needed hope. To hold that small light of hope close to my heart and let that light shine bright into the murkiness of my future and the more I focused on what I did want for my health the brighter that light shone. Gradually the fog started to lift and I felt I could move forward with the wisps of mist unravelling from my limbs.

I couldn’t have got where I am today without the support and love of others who heard me and helped me no matter how much my light was flickering. They nurtured my hope and enabled me to see the clear sky above.

I reached out to professional therapists who: helped me to listen to my body and what it needed to heal, enabled me to discover what foods were killing me and which foods would nourish me and supported me in understanding the stress I was under and how to manage this to my benefit.

On top of this I only surrounded myself with people who supported me, non-judgmentally and who understood that life, for me, was often difficult.

We don’t need to struggle on our own, reach out for support, better days are ahead.

If you are ready to make the fog lift, get in touch.

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