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Life with IBD is overwhelming

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

What my nearby stream overflowing made me remember...

On my walk yesterday I saw a stream that had burst it’s bank, it had literally become overwhelmed by what was going on inside as it burst it's banks and gushed down the road.

It reminded me of those times when my IBD symptoms would also overwhelm me emotionally and physically. My own ‘banks’ literally bursting and my spirit in danger of being swept away with it all.

If you too are feeling like this know that you are not alone.

Here are my 3 tips to start to reduce the overflow of overwhelm:

  • Become aware of the present moment. Just knowing that you are safe right now without worrying about what may come next is powerful.

  • Close your eyes, take 2 slow deep breaths and feel what it is like to just take these seconds for yourself, knowing there is nothing else you need to do right now.

  • Stop fighting with yourself. Say “I accept myself” in your head, even if it is the last thing you believe. You need to give yourself a break and calm your inner critic.

Be kind to yourself, and reach out to me if it’s feeling too heavy and you need to share the load.

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