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I am a RUBBISH gardener!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

It's true. I am a rubbish gardener... So with all the craziness that 2020 has bought us I decided, like many others, to start up a veg patch. This is something I had been thinking about doing for years but never seem to make the time to start. So there we are myself, my husband and my two boys digging and digging, clearing and clearing and carefully planting tiny little seeds into the lovely dark soil in our back garden, all marked up with handmade labels!  Excitedly we checked each day to make sure that a cat hadn’t got in and used it as litter tray (I did) or that the pigeons hadn’t pecked at the seeds (they did) and that the dogs hadn’t started using it to dig a tunnel (they had)!  After protecting our little veg patch with netting and checking it every morning for what seemed like months we suddenly saw the beginnings of shoots - much to our excitement! We cared for that veg patch every day, come rain or shine, watering, nurturing, weeding, checking on it and willing it to grow all of the vegetables we planted. And we were over the moon when we started to reap the rewards of our hard work when the beetroot were ready along with the beans. So far so good you might think, however once we had started to harvest the veg I started to take the my ‘eye off the ball’... Much to my despair when checking my cauliflower (after some time of neglecting it) I couldn’t quite believe what I saw. In fact if it wasn’t for the label nearby, I would have struggled to identify what the hell was growing there!! As you will see from the photo it looks nothing like a cauliflower.  Then I realised what had happened - I had stop nurturing and caring and paying attention to my plants and they had deteriorated and gone to seed.  This is when it occurred to me that this is very much like our health. When we think things are going well we take our eye off the ball and in a blink of an eye things can go downhill, sometimes with dire consequences. If I had paid more attention to my cauliflower and got some advice on how to look after them better we would’ve been tucking into them and looking forward to next years crop, but instead I’ve got this weird alien looking plant sprouting out in all directions in my veg patch reminding me of what a rubbish gardener I am! However if there is one lesson to be learnt from this not-so-green-fingered tale of woe it is that we must never take our health for granted and we must always care for our bodies and minds as much as we need to care for our veg patch, in order to bloom and flourish and reap the rewards of our own glowing health. If you need any tips on how to grow your own don’t drop me a line, however.....

If you feel like you’ve taken your eye off the ball of your health and need support to get back on track, drop me a line and let’s make a plan together. 

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