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How does tapping on my body help?

I am surprised I haven't written any blog posts about this before, especially when you consider how OBSESSED I am with the magic we all have within us to overcome ANY obstacle in life and break old habits and patterns which hold us back from being our true awesome selves!

What the hell am I talking about? I'm referring to a scientifically proven stress reduction technique that you can learn in minutes and is already being used by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe to take life into their own hands. This technique is called EFT.

I stumbled across EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) whilst making a desperate google search in the middle of the night when one of my sons couldn't sleep. Through blurry eyes I read through the technique and by the light of my phone screen headed into my son's room to tap on his hand, head, face and upper body.

Luckily, he was very obliging despite wondering what the hell I was doing!

I didn't know what I was doing but all I knew was that if we didn't get to sleep soon things weren't going to be pretty in the Turner household the next morning.

Much to my amazement, after no more than 1 or 2 minutes of tapping on his body my son started yawning and fell straight to sleep, deep asleep and he stayed like that until morning.

This is when my obsession started. How could something so simple have such a powerful impact on his body?

I read up more on this technique and took a couple of short courses to understand the science behind it and the physiological and psychological changes EFT creates. My sons told their friends about it, they came to me to try it for themselves and every single time, no matter what the issue and level of scepticism, every person who tried EFT went home feeling happy, lighter, relaxed - completely different than when they arrived.

Following these radical changes that were happening in front of my very eyes I leapt at the chance to train as a Certified EFT Practitioner to get a deeper understanding of the technique and the different ways in which it can be used to not only reduce stress but to address far ranging issues from anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, childhood trauma, addictions, emotional eating, weight loss, self esteem, career progression, physical and mental illness, pain, migraines, injuries, anger, grief and more...

This technique has become a huge part of my life and is always an important element of the services I offer to the people I work with.

Seeing the sometimes, unbelievable, changes in people's lives from the results of EFT never ceases to amaze me.

Despite the amazing leaps made in technology and modern medicine we must never underestimate the power we hold within to help ourselves.

I offer 1-2-1 personalised EFT programs along with free weekly live EFT sessions on Instagram. You can also use my recorded sessions at your own convenience on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEWbtpykAqwCjsxVD5cqvbg

If you want to find out how EFT can release you to achieve all that you dream of, drop me a line. This stuff is too good not to share!

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