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From IT Security to Health Coach!?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

People are taken aback when they ask what I used to do before I found my way into Health Coaching and Mind-Body Medicine.

"IT Security....20 years in fact"

They must imagine that I have always been into wellness and nutrition, when in reality they couldn't be further from the truth. I had spent my life working at the cutting edge of technology, with untold amounts of pressure on my shoulders, in an environment which was exciting and break-down inducing, in equal measure.

Don't get me wrong, I used to think that I thrived on stress and pressure, after all, its all I had ever known since stepping into the workplace 25 years ago. Deadlines, schedules, targets, negotiations, contracts, it all mattered to me, rushed lunches at my desk, eyes glued to the screen, on the phone or rushing across the country to meetings with clients. I loved it. Or so I thought.

It came as a terrible, indescribable shock when, at age 27, I was suddenly struck down with a Chronic Autoimmune Disease whilst on holiday. It made no sense, I was young, happy, healthy. I had only just got married, how could this happen to me?

My health came crashing down around my ears as I adjusted to life with an 'incurable' disease, the timetable of medications, painful and undignified investigations, scans, blood tests so frequent that my arms were permanently prick marked, fatigue, brain fog, pain, urgency, the blood loss... the list goes on.

And yet, I carried on regardless with a "This wont stop me" attitude, "I shall fight this invader to my last breath" still rocking up to the office every day, well dressed, hair styled, heels on. Nobody would've known what was going on behind the scenes.

I continued like this for years, with my health like a rollercoaster, starting a family, moving to another part of the country to a building site, still battling myself to see who would win, the disease or me?

Well, some years ago I fought my last day on the battlefield, sitting at my desk, my Colitis flare, exhaustion and overwhelm became too much and my first (and hopefully last) panic attack set in. I somehow made it home in my car and spent the rest of the day in bed shaking, cold, numb limbs, a mere shadow of my former self.

So, defeated, I quit my career with a mixture of relief and grief.

As the whirlwind of my emotions started to settle I realised that although I had been managing my disease the best I thought I could there was still more work to be done. I turned my focus to understand how the human body works, my body, something I had been living with all my life but, in reality I knew little about. I became a student again studying the gut, nutrition and Functional Medicine, mind-body medicine, all with the aim of discovering the root cause to my Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis.

During these years of study I have learned a lot about what happens between where food goes in and where food comes out of our bodies, how stress and emotion pay a big part in the onset of disease as well as how to accept what has happened to me. This has enabled me to move forward with purpose and to support others in their own journey to better health, against all odds.

Maybe it's no surprise that my life has taken this path, to turn my experience into an opportunity to help others.

I couldn't be more grateful for where I am now, the health I enjoy and the exceptional clients that I am fortunate enough to work with who inspire me every day.

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