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3 words that could transform your life.....

Here’s something not many people that are close to me would know....

I spent years hating my body.

It made me furious. It made me angry. It made me desperately sad. It made me feel out of control. It made me feel hopeless.

IBD did this to me. The symptoms would come on so fast I hardly had time to take a breath. I felt like I was at war with a body that was letting me down, daily.

Looking back on these years makes me sad for myself, y’see, by thinking like this I was only making matters worse.

Turning hatred and rage into myself only made the IBD increase.

Yes, it is natural to feel all of this when living with a chronic illness BUT if you are going to overcome your diagnosis you are going to have to start by.....

⭐️ Accepting yourself ⭐️

...for all that you are today and for all life has dealt you.

Stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and say “I accept myself”.

Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first and yes, you may not believe it to be true but believe me, the more you do it the easier it gets. Keep on doing this until it becomes a habit and then you know it’s true...

You can’t heal when you hate the body you’re in.

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