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Ulcerative Colitis 

Symptoms, Cause and Recovery

I was fortunate to be asked to feature as part of this "Beating Chronic Disease" podcast series. I still get wonderful messages of hope from viewers. Regardless of your health condition please take a look and get inspired to create your own healing journey.



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feel great in minutes

I regularly record live EFT session and also share energy exercises and tips on how to create a healthier home environment. Be sure to subscribe so you dont miss any new content. New videos added weekly.

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Magic Midlife Mums

As well as supporting many with chronic disease I also offer advice and coaching to women, 40+ to improve their mental and emotional health so they can create a future they dream of. If you are ready to grasp your life with both hands join below and meet with other incredible women taking control of their lives.

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Re-energise and Re-boot

I am super active on Instagram and share tutorials, health tips, mini-coaching sessions and IG lives with other health professionals covering everything from gut health, brain health, emotional health, environmental health, sleep hygiene, confidence and self esteem and simple nutrition tips. Come hang out with me...