Health Coaching FAQ

Your Questions Answered

Where do you coach from?

As with my EFT/TFT Therapy, Health Coaching sessions take place either face to face, at our beautiful rural clinic in Suffolk, or online, over Zoom which enables me to work with clients all over the globe.

Sessions are 1-2-1 unless you have opted for a Group Coaching package whereby your time with me will be within a group setting over Zoom.

How often do my Coaching sessions take place?

I offer either weekly or fortnightly sessions to suit my clients needs and to ensure momentum and accountability is maintained. The time of your session will be set at the start of your program and will be arranged for a mutually convenient time.

What should I expect from my first session?

Before your first session you will complete a Welcome Pack which contains a questionnaire to help me understand you better and discover your vision for health and happiness. This paperwork will form the basis of our discussion and structure of your personalised program within your first session.


"Rachel provided objective advice keeping my health as the number one priority when navigating all my issues"

- Holly J