What Rachel offers is a different therapy in itself which has profoundly affected me in positive ways- mentally & physically.
Lynn B

I was diagnosed with UC last year and since then my life took a horrible turn. Not only was I drained physically but mentally I was struggling with anxiety, stress and depression as well. Working with Rachel  I have learnt my triggers of stress, I have leant how to respond to them and channel them into peace for me, I have understood myself so much better. 
Gina W

When I met RachelI was going through my worst UC flare in 10 years since diagnosis. Medication has stopped working and anything I ate was making me more sick. I didn't have anything to lose and I was desperate to get any relief possible. As the sessions went on, I became truly amazed at how quickly my body was responding to Rachel's support in a positive healing way. As an example, any bloating I would have would disappear to almost zero. Not only that, Rachel has helped me change the narrative many of us IBD patients have rehearsed over the years in our head to a positive, empowering belief that healing is possible and we have more control to turn the diagnosis into a catalyst for growth and success. I am currently almost symptom free, and have eliminated medication use completely. I would like to thank Rachel once again for this life changing experience, I couldn't have come this far without it!
Paul N

When I met Rachel I was really tired and low on motivation due to MS. Since working with Rachel I feel so much more energised and confident.
Christie H

Rachel has superb emotional intelligence and is the best health coach I have worked with in terms of listening to my problems.
Dean F

I can honestly say that of all the things I have tried whilst healing this autoimmune disease, Rachel's work has made the biggest impact, by far.

Mike L

Since working with Rachel I organise my time better so I can nourish myself. I can now give myself permission to let go of some of the pressure.
Pearl C
Rachel has been incredible to work with. She took the time to really listen to my needs and then worked with me to set realistic and attainable goals to improve areas of my life that needed it. Her work has had a lasting impact on my mindset moving forward and I feel truly optimistic about my future thanks to her. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Kiasha V

Tapping with you is keeping me sane!
Anne K

Rachel helped me physically and emotionally in navigating the maze of holistic healing.
Karis H-S

My sessions with Rachel are having such a positive effect on my healing. She is truly brilliant!
Katie L

I can't explain it but it is like a switch has flicked in my head. I am now making the right choices, no more cravings and I am being more caring towards myself. I am even able to reduce my negative self-talk.
Amanda W
Rachel is genuine, knowledgeable, honest and really, really friendly. I found her very easy to open up to and her support and input has been invaluable.
Gemma C-R

I thought I had dealt with my anger years ago but with your support I realise I had more work to do. I am now in a place where I can use my voice and not feel the repercussions. This is completely new to me!
Neil M
Rachel is an astute listener and 'no-nonsense' talker. My sessions have had a profound effect on my ability to open up and get clarity on things that have troubled me for a long time.
Joanna D

Rachel has helped me through a tough few months, giving me the space to clearly review and think how I can better use my time and enhance my life through my own actions. There have been times when I have required the guidance of EFT in my coaching sessions to enable me to breathe and think more clearly and Rachel is a wonder at guiding EFT as well as health coach. I feel I am in a far stronger, happier and settled place to move forward and use my techniques. I would highly recommend Rachel's coaching. It has been an absolute wonder and I can't thank Rachel enough.
Holly P
Wow! I can actually feel my heart rate dropping!
Gerard H

Since my first session with Rachel I've noticed changes in my body AND I've slashed 2 minutes off my 5k time.
Kim P

Since working with Rachel my stress levels are down and I am sleeping better!
Sarah L

Thanks a lot Rachel, our sessions are really helpful. It really feels better when there is someone who listens to your sufferings so patiently and provides a helping hand to solve them.
Hugh S

Rachel supported me with emotions I was having from PTSD with depression and anxiety. Rachel was incredibly understanding, patient, kind and supportive.
Frankie N

After my sessions with Rachel I feel like I had a real breakthrough, she has such a gift for what she does.
Maggie P

My daughter's anxiety was through the roof, after one EFT session it is already working wonders and long may it continue!
Megan H-B

Rachel takes my issues and helps me navigate them with kindness and empathy.
Roxy A

I have to admit, I was highly sceptical about EFT but I ended up shocked at how well it worked.
Milo D

I am so happy to report that after my EFT therapy with Rachel my migraines are gone!
Gilly B

I am overwhelmed with results after just one session. Unlike any other therapy I have undertaken, I left the session feeling uplifted and hugely positive.
Kylie R

I still think about my sessions with Rachel and find it remarkable how I shifted from some very low difficult emotions into a state of being released from them completely.
Louis G