The way we work together...

Through my own experience of overcoming Chronic Autoimmune Disease I believe that we shouldn't settle for anything less but the best for our health and happiness.


Through dietary and lifestyle changes symptoms can be managed and often reduced, leading to far greater freedom from the restrictions a diagnosis may suggest. 

My method is to support and guide my clients to a better approach to their own health by addressing all aspects of life.

Often this involves looking at sleep habits, relaxation techniques, exercise, movement, nutrition and hydration, stress and resiliency, relationships and emotional wellbeing.

One day we might be working out how to make small do-able changes to your diet, another day we might do an EFT tapping session to overcome held trauma or worry. We might look at how you could get out of the house more, how you could bring more veggies into your life, or how you could (and should) just have more fun!

Every one of us is unique and this is why I love seeing the tangible results that people gain from their time with me.

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